Transformational Awareness

Transformational Awareness

Work privately with Melanie to enhance your capacity for vitality. Learn how to sustain and recover a low-stress state of being, gain awareness of your barriers to change, and interpret signs and symptoms in the context of body, mind, and spirit. Sessions include a combination of assessment questions, structural assessment, energy work, mind-body skills, and goal-setting. You will learn to weave your intuition with your strengths, your resources, and your goals into a plan for maximizing your biological systems, behaviors, and environment.

You may choose to purchase HeartMath products for working on your own. Cost of those products is not included in the pricing.

Techniques include HeartMath, Conversational Intelligence, Intuitive Guidance, and Mind-Body Skills.

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[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”5 Session Package” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”900″ currency=”$” price_period=” “]

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