Three steps to Your Path, Your Truth, and Your Joy!

I am getting into alignment daily to write this month and share tools to resolve a variety of health and stress-related issues. You are not broken or in need of healing, there is just a bunch of stuff in the way of you seeing that.

The last few years have been a whirlwind for me, both personally and professionally. I started my practice to be very scientific and evidence-based, and as my body went into full-on breakdown. It took me awhile to realize it – or, rather it took excruciating foot pain (both right and left) in the form of plantar fasciits, numbness of my feet in the form of compartment syndrome AND high blood pressure with secondary edema in my ankles, for me to realize that walking only on this evidence-based path was not in alignment with my true self. How did I resolve it? I widened my path. I embraced the things I knew and couldn’t quite explain, like how I feel the physical manifestations of anger, rage, grief, sadness, and shame inside of people, how particle physics pictures make complete sense to me, how I feel the traumas of your ancestors, the movement of your DNA and quantum activity inside of you. I let people’s bodies tell me what they needed. When a body told me the pain was related to the anger of my client’s father, I said “show me what that feels like and tell me how to resolve it.” And it worked.

It took the unearthing of emotions that almost led me to leaving my family to realize that I was betraying myself by holding back on my psychic, mediumship, and other “metaphysical” abilities. How did I resolve it? I spoke my truth. Initially it felt like stepping off of a cliff, yet the ground showed up every time.  The first person I told “It feels like you have a ghost in your neck” responded with “I can tell you EXACTLY when that happened!” The first person I told “There is a book that you need to get rid of” responded “I can tell you EXACTLY what book that is!”

It took constantly asking “what else is true” and pressing the BELIEVE button when I got an answer – to finally shatter the ice berg around my heart and rediscover joy. How did I do that? I got rid of my limiting beliefs – there are probably more, still, but I literally said “I release my limiting beliefs across all dimensions” and my body shifted. I repeated it a few times. I met with a counselor, a mind-body skills group, and a dream interpreter. I found good massage therapists, Akashic Record readers, and astrologers. I have talked to a psychiatrist, a Theta Healing practitioner and a medium. I wrote in my journal, listened to various YouTube videos and read and listened to a ton of books. At the end of the day the thing I associate with my greatest trauma – music (yes, music) – was the tool that opened my heart. It took traveling to England and unexpectedly having individual and group sessions with a Native American flute player (yes, I get the irony of it) to fully open the floodgates of joy in my heart.

I want to change the paradigm of love and health in this world. I am an expert at multidimensional living. I can explain back pain in terms of biomechanics, emotions, limiting beliefs, past lives, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and more. I used to say I am a multidimensional healer, but I am purging the world “healer” from my vocabulary. You are not broken. When people come to my office, they connect their physical body and nonphysical/spiritual/quantum self to resolve their issues themselves. I just hold up the image of their true selves, for them to see. It is immediately recognizable and change is instantaneous. I am letting go of the idea that there are layers to be peeled back – I have witnessed enough instantaneous change in myself and others that I am convinced it is possible for you. These stories abound. One of my favorites is Anita Moorjani’s story.

I have been facilitating this through my hands, with my physical therapy practice for over 20 years now, and I did it for a few years as an athletic trainer before that. I now also do sessions over the phone and the internet. I use music, mostly in the form of shamanic instruments, and most powerfully, I am using invocations to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment and flow. You can do this, too. It is as powerful as any technique I have seen. I love many things about modern medicine (especially trauma and emergency surgery), as many of the approaches give us more time to find our ideal alignment. The reality is that you have all of the power inside of yourself, and it is full of joy.