Stop Imagining Your Fears

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I am laying low on blogging about current events while I write my fiction novel. As I sit in a bit of a fantasy world – or at least where science and wisdom are fully merged – I wanted to share some ways to change the world, to change your world.

In the midst of the U.S. government efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I told a number of friends that I wish people didn’t give the government that much power. I support the ACA, and I also believe that your own health is fully in your control. My experience in the medical system is that when you get ill, even if it’s “not your fault,” you brought that to yourself, and when you get well, you did that, too. Our fear-based medical system keeps us ill, and keeps the profit margins high for many industries.

Fear is the goal of terrorist organizations as well. Why is fear so powerful? As Vladimir Megre recounts in the Ringing Cedars book series, it is the Science of Imagery. We often hear about this in the context of meditation or law of attraction. When we are fearful, when we imagine fearful things, that’s what we create. This belief system can be a hard pill to swallow on an individual scale, but I will personally testify to its power. When you take responsibility for all of the bad things that have come into your life, you claim your power to shift them for the positive. When you tap into your ability to feel the universe, you are guided toward safety and prosperity, not toward terrorism and war.

Why is Donald Trump so bizarrely powerful in transcending all logic and rules? It is the power of his imagery. Abraham Hicks contends that the reason we have more breast cancer is because we have campaigned for awareness. More people imagine it, so more people get it. Portugal has had massive improvements in drug addiction and the complications of it because they stopped the war on drugs by legalizing all of them and pouring the war money into community services. They imagined a different system altogether and created it. Native American warnings of a world where everyone has to pay for water have come true. We need to stop imagining the things we don’t want, and start imagining the things we do want!

With the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, many mayors pledged to uphold the agreement in their communities. This is an important step in reclaiming our individual power. How can you help all of these things, right from where you are?

  1. Start an organic garden.
  2. Start a beehive.
  3. Use a medicine box meditation. In short, while you are meditating, ask for solutions and answers to be in your medicine box. When you imagine opening the box during the meditation for a specific question, trust the images that you get. They may be metaphorical, but they are reliable.
  4. Talk with the invisible. Earlier this year, after my lemon harvest was complete, I asked my lemon trees where they wanted to be pruned. This year, my trees are fruiting more than every before. I let them co-create with me, and the result has been greater abundance. I promise this works in other areas of life, too. I helped people heal for years having these conversations with their bodies. Everything animate and inanimate has a language. I even brought my cell phone back from the dead recently with this technique. You are more fluent in this language than any other one. Start practicing and learning to trust the voices.
  5. Take science out to the macro. Science has clearly done a lot for us, but it has also helped us forget our own inner wisdom, as we shifted power into the hands of it. Our DNA quite literally moves the same way as our solar system. Anything that exists at the microscopic level exists at the macroscopic level. Perhaps instead of focusing on small details of biology and physics, we can focus on big details of what we want our world to look like. The power of pure thought is much greater than the power of maligned thought. In the first book of the Ringing Cedars series, Anastasia says that if enough of us imagined two suns in the sky, two would appear. We really are that powerful. If we imagine paradise, it will come about. Don’t let reality derail you.

These things may seem trivial, but they truly shift energy on a cosmic scale, and are more powerful when combined.

What do you want to imagine?


Melanie Weller
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