Screaming Love In The Shadows


I am done whispering. I need to scream. If you ever needed proof that we each create our own realities, we all have it now. My professional reputation has been that of the “Body Whisperer.” I use very gentle touch to clear up people’s pain and trauma. I usually put forth an effort to write and speak with grace, as I see and feel people at the soul level. The United States just elected its shadow to be its leader, and all of my usual meditation, oneness, imagination, magic, play in the quantum field, and fairy dust can’t change that today.

Perhaps I have been holding my own light in the shadows. I have come so far out of my closet, yet perhaps I haven’t crossed the threshold. I minimize my contact with darkness. I don’t even visit some family members much because of it. Now I am ready to bathe, dress, and parade myself in that darkness. My name means clad in black, so perhaps this is my moment. I thought my calling was to play in the light, but now I will adventure in the shadows.

A lot of the truths I feel are not comfortable. I don’t speak all of them out loud, or here on my blog. Getting people to take responsibility for their traumas is difficult, but it is also the most powerful place to be. Staying in victim mode only breathes life into the trauma, keeping it vibrating in your mind, body, and soul. As a collective, we need to unearth our trauma and transform it. Even white men have it – it is what keeps them angry.

I’ve got this. I am not a victim. I need you to scream with me. I will not let anyone dampen my vibration. I choose to become both a higher frequency and a stronger volume. Get ready to be split open even further. You will not be able to brace yourself. The storm is coming, and the winds will force you to let go. You will not see it coming because it is in the shadows. You will not feel it coming because you have not had this experience of love in the shadows.


We often explain away our intuitive feelings as coincidence or do not know how to speak the language of intuition. In our over-stressed, over-medicated, out of touch world, my calling is to help others connect with themselves and each other using intuitive skills. Through merging the mindsets of science and wisdom in a common language, I aim to create a movement to transform the paradigm of love for ourselves and others, to transcend our addictions to being right, and to co-create solutions that serve our minds, bodies, and spirits, both individually and as a collective.  The ultimate stress management is knowing who you are and your power to create change. -Melanie Weller