Recently, I started talking openly about my intuitive skills and how I have used them to help people with a variety of diagnoses, especially those with complicated chronic pain that have not found solutions.

My mission is to help you develop your intuitive skills so you can live an abundant, wise, and pain-free life. I started my own practice several years ago to keep people from getting injured in the first place. This evidence-based focus led to a spiritual awakening for myself. Teaching you to be intuitive for yourself is my calling.

As a science-loving, shamanic-style transformer and translator of energy, physical therapist, medical-spiritual intuitive, psychic, and medium, I am uniquely able to link mind, body, and spirit for profound change. You can learn how to do it, too, using practical, reproducible, and evidence-based techniques.
Benefits of deepening your intuition include resolution of pain, enhanced performance at work, reduced stress levels and inspired creativity.  You have the power to align yourself from deep within yourself to universal oneness.

Contact me with questions! I would love to hear from you.