I Give Up


I have done almost nothing work-wise for the last few weeks. I have written, but not published. Since the election, I have experienced a big shift – in my intuitive skills (for the sharper), in my emotions (more intense) and in my ability to let go of existing patterns and limiting beliefs (faster). I can’t say I particularly love this shift. I am struggling to see the point of what I am doing (no one wants to hear the truth – you are responsible for your own vibration and everything you bring into your reality), and I would rather just win the lottery and throw in the towel.

Overcoming My Addiction To Being Right


“It seems that it will definitely reveal the faulty systems and people running them so they can crumble and be healed. And it is just what we need to fully step into our power and take our place. We are ready. We can now handle the fall of the patriarchy and all that it brings. I feel that is just what is going to be happening over the next 4 years or so and I don’t think it could have fully happened with Hillary in office . Trump will reveal it in a way she never could. All is in perfect order.” – One Wise Woman I Know

Screaming Love In The Shadows


I am done whispering. I need to scream. If you ever needed proof that we each create our own realities, we all have it now. My professional reputation has been that of the “Body Whisperer.” I use very gentle touch to clear up people’s pain and trauma. I usually put forth an effort to write and speak with grace, as I see and feel people at the soul level. The United States just elected its shadow to be its leader, and all of my usual meditation, oneness, imagination, magic, play in the quantum field, and fairy dust can’t change that today.

Mirror, Mirror, In The White House







I am a puddle of tears today. I am not normally like this. I am usually the rock solid one who doesn’t cry very often. I have thrived in viewing the election through intuitive, archetypal and astrological lenses. I love the symbolism of apples, the astrology of Eris, the contest between Poseidon and Athena that resulted in the naming of the city of Athens, and comparing Medusa to myself and all of the “nasty women” I know.

However, since watching the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I have had some unexpected feelings bubble up. I feel as if my own glass ceiling is about to shatter and I am not sure my husband and sons will recognize me afterward. As Hillary Clinton sits on the verge of being elected President of the United States, I can say that it is truly different to have a mirror of yourself as the leader of the free world.

My Civil Disobedience

Appreciate The Antagonist Challenge: 15 Reasons I Appreciate Donald Trump But Didn't Vote For Him


I believe America is indeed great. It is a great place to live, to be an entrepreneur, to shop, and is full of amazing individuals, some of whom are my incredible friends. However, I feel “over” being an American these days. I have been over it for a long time. I appreciate many aspects of it, particularly as a woman, but I have felt my calling is to be somewhere else my entire life. The knee-jerk reaction to move somewhere else that some people are experiencing, based on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, has been a steady vibration in me for as long as I can remember.

Appreciating the Antagonist

Yesterday, I wrote about reasons I appreciate Donald Trump. I challenge you to write reasons you appreciate either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, whichever major party political candidate for whom you are NOT voting. If you aren’t voting for either then write reasons for each of them. If you support the Native Americans at Standing Rock, then write some for them, too. Then share them in the comments here, or on my Facebook Page or Twitter with the hashtag #aapower They have to be sincere, not snarky. My first five reasons were:

Gratitude Challenge For The Presidential Candidate You Oppose

Seeing Value in the Behavior of Assholes


My 13-year old son has been an asshole the last couple of days. I know he’s learning to regulate his testosterone. He’s usually a very pleasant kid, so I get easily frustrated by these days. He is writing short essays for application to high school (something that only happens in public schools in New Orleans) and doesn’t want to play the “impress the admissions board” game. He wants to go to a different high school and is addicted to being right about this other school being best for him, and the one that requires an essay being categorically unfit. I called him intentionally myopic and choosing to ignore other information that is readily available to him. He threw that insult back at me, along with our front gate.

Catching Dreams Instead of Nightmares

Harnessing Vibrational Power


“The problem is that we are not taught to be powerful in other ways besides battle.” -Yolanda Perera

Sit down and buckle up. We are going for a ride and it isn’t going to be comfortable for anyone.

Last night I had a dream that a Native American woman was my realtor. We were talking inside of a house while my oldest son, age 13, played in the backyard. The yard was large and wooded. It sloped down to a stream running through the property. I had been interviewing realtors, but this woman made me feel like she was the one. I walked outside to watch my son exploring the trees on the way to the stream and had an “a-ha” moment. I realized that all of my friends had Native American connections. I ran through a list of my waking life friends in my head. Every one of them was descended from Native Americans, or had an intimate relationship with the culture.