How I Healed Myself From Being A Healer

Happy Birthday! (1)

I have had both an amazing and a difficult time the last couple of weeks since I realized I healed myself of being a healer. I knew this at some level before, but had not put it into such a succinct statement. My entire life has been a journey to heal others (and myself) in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

I have been doing a couple of #365projects on Instagram – posting once a day for a healing prayer or sorts, which I call a Creation Invocation, and once a day for my word of the year: circle. I didn’t post this weekend

Donald Trump Is Here to Traumatize You

And It's Good


When the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, I was living in Norfolk, Virginia. My husband’s parents and grandmother were visiting us because he was leaving on a six month deployment the following week on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. My mother and his mother were really afraid for his safety after that. I saw no difference in him flying here or in the Persian Gulf, so I didn’t think his risk changed, even though the mission did. I had a great trip with a friend to Austria, since the ship cancelled the port visit where I was planning to meet him. I believe that deployment still holds the record for the most amount of days at sea without a port call.

The emotional impact of September 11 and my husband leaving immediately afterwards on a military deployment to be part of the U.S. retribution for the terrorist acts pales in comparison

Four Ways To Create Change For Women

It's A Whole New Paradigm

The sky is not the limit (2)

I have been laying low for awhile. I haven’t been seeing clients. I have done some writing, some reading, and some business planning. I have also done more internal work on myself – more reflection, more counseling with mentors, more tapping into my intuition.

I didn’t go to the women’s march on Saturday. I could have made it work, but my intuition gave me a big, loud DON”T GO. I had visions a few weeks ago of the marches being terrorist targets, and put out invocations and energy to transform that. I wasn’t as scared by Saturday but I still wasn’t supposed to go. I also don’t do well in crowds. I avoid festivals, live music, etc. This cause was important enough that I could have dealt with that. I finally had a longer talk with my higher self about the issue, and I better understand why I intuitively felt that I was not supposed to go to the march. My answer: The paradigm in which it was done is too limited. I was more powerful at home working the way I do with energy.

Last Minute Gift Tips


I would love to crawl under a rock slightly before Thanksgiving and come out on New Year’s Eve. I really don’t like the holiday fuss and I always dread choosing gifts. After years of angst, I have finally re-written my story to allow me to buy gifts clearly and joyfully, keeping the following things in mind:

Holiday Survival Tips


Are you stressed out about your family get-together? Are you worried about being alone? Here are my tips for those that are apprehensive about the next few weeks. I use all of them, so I can testify to their power!

Power Pose: Go in the bathroom, lock the door, and spend 2 minutes standing like Wonder Woman. You can watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk for the research details. It’s a handy tool to help you deal with everything from your mother barking orders on getting dinner ready, to your creepy cousin and your dad’s lost filter, after that third drink.

Make your own traditions: Even if you have to be part of a larger gathering, you can do some small things for yourself. We prepare food from a different country or ethnicity every holiday. This year, we had Swiss raclette for

I Give Up


I have done almost nothing work-wise for the last few weeks. I have written, but not published. Since the election, I have experienced a big shift – in my intuitive skills (for the sharper), in my emotions (more intense) and in my ability to let go of existing patterns and limiting beliefs (faster). I can’t say I particularly love this shift. I am struggling to see the point of what I am doing (no one wants to hear the truth – you are responsible for your own vibration and everything you bring into your reality), and I would rather just win the lottery and throw in the towel.

Overcoming My Addiction To Being Right


“It seems that it will definitely reveal the faulty systems and people running them so they can crumble and be healed. And it is just what we need to fully step into our power and take our place. We are ready. We can now handle the fall of the patriarchy and all that it brings. I feel that is just what is going to be happening over the next 4 years or so and I don’t think it could have fully happened with Hillary in office . Trump will reveal it in a way she never could. All is in perfect order.” – One Wise Woman I Know

Screaming Love In The Shadows


I am done whispering. I need to scream. If you ever needed proof that we each create our own realities, we all have it now. My professional reputation has been that of the “Body Whisperer.” I use very gentle touch to clear up people’s pain and trauma. I usually put forth an effort to write and speak with grace, as I see and feel people at the soul level. The United States just elected its shadow to be its leader, and all of my usual meditation, oneness, imagination, magic, play in the quantum field, and fairy dust can’t change that today.