My Civil Disobedience

Appreciate The Antagonist Challenge: 15 Reasons I Appreciate Donald Trump But Didn't Vote For Him


I believe America is indeed great. It is a great place to live, to be an entrepreneur, to shop, and is full of amazing individuals, some of whom are my incredible friends. However, I feel “over” being an American these days. I have been over it for a long time. I appreciate many aspects of it, particularly as a woman, but I have felt my calling is to be somewhere else my entire life. The knee-jerk reaction to move somewhere else that some people are experiencing, based on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, has been a steady vibration in me for as long as I can remember.

I have also lived outside of the U.S., so I can say that there are things the U.S. does well, and a lot of things other places do better. I have been embarrassed to be an American on a number of occasions when fellow citizens did something socially unacceptable or criminal in our host country. I have also been bullied into keeping quiet about my embarrassment. As a result, I am really difficult to embarrass these days, confident in expressing my feelings, and extremely happy that way!

I trudged through 20 years as a Navy wife, which sucks in so many terrible ways, that it brought me to the amazing place where I currently am in my life. I also spent those 20 years, and the 20 before them, keeping a lid on my feelings, worried about what others would think if I actually expressed myself. Now I am very skilled at connecting my head and my heart to make wise decisions that yield ever-improving results.

Never mind the presidential election drama, people who complain about the color of Starbucks cups make me want another passport. Still, I am watching an accused child rapist, sexual assaulter, fake philanthropist, hate-stoking Angry White Man give me some pretty incredible gifts. Obviously, I am not a supporter of Donald Trump. But how can I even say I have any gratitude for his existence, you may be thinking?

My favorite quote is from Esther (Abraham) Hicks: “Savor the problem as deliciously and deliberately as you savor the solution.” I am buffing up appreciation and gratitude in my life and I have seen it transform incredible hardship into joyful power.  In addition to the five reasons I gave earlier this week, and the five I gave yesterday, I have these additional reasons to appreciate Donald Trump.

  1. I now understand how to energetically transform my relationship with collective consciousness, and how to help others with it.
  2. I have resolved some of my own “Dad issues.”
  3. I have compassion toward angry white men.
  4. I feel even more clear about my calling to expand my life outside of the US, whether that means more travel, hosting retreats, or living abroad.
  5. I know I can create my own reality no matter who is President in the US.

You never know how your biggest traumas will become your biggest gifts. This election cycle’s biggest gift to me may be a country that is more aware that it desperately needs my professional expertise. I welcome that opportunity. Maybe it will keep me here.

What are the reasons you appreciate the candidate  you oppose?

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2 thoughts on “My Civil Disobedience

  1. Melanie,
    You are more spritually evolved then me. A difficult family situation, the uninspiring presidential candates (I’m being nice), and constant negative national & world news that perpetuates discord and hate makes keeping a positive attitude energetically draining. All this fear based knee jerk reactivity!
    I spend much more time dropping into a meditative state just to maintain equilibrium. Before I realize it, the day is winding down & I didn’t finish tasks I planned to do. Actually, life is more pleasant not thinking about the current political & economical situation.
    Today, I was riding my bike before sunset and I was unnerved to see the amount of Trump signs throughout the suburban neighborhoods in River Ridge & Harahan!

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