Last Minute Gift Tips


I would love to crawl under a rock slightly before Thanksgiving and come out on New Year’s Eve. I really don’t like the holiday fuss and I always dread choosing gifts. After years of angst, I have finally re-written my story to allow me to buy gifts clearly and joyfully, keeping the following things in mind:

  1. What is the receiver’s love language? Perhaps the biggest reason I don’t like buying gifts is because, for me, receiving gifts is in last place among the five love languages. I am much more physical touch and acts of service. When giving a gift, be sure that you are speaking the recipients love language, not yours. You can take a quiz to find out your love language here.
  2. Let the gift come to you. My favorite meditation is a “medicine box” one. Basically, you venture into the forest and come across a clearing. There is a large rock, and on the rock is a box. A spirit guide or angel may join you if you like. You open the medicine box to reveal what you need. You can modify the same concept to reveal what gift someone really needs from you.
  3. Give a gift to the earth. I am donating money this year to Tree Sisters, instead of giving gifts to my husband and my extended family. This gift benefits everyone on Earth. You could also plant a tree in your own yard, or find a like-minded organization in your area.
  4. Contribute to economic growth as a healing tool in areas that need it. I went to Alaska several years ago and visited this muskox farm. You can buy crafts that support Eskimo and Inuit people in rural areas, and keep their traditions alive. Creative Women of the World helps women get out of poverty, human trafficking, and recover from natural disasters by providing a platform for their crafts.
  5. Look in your own backyard. Buy from small businesses in your area. Even if it’s more expensive than ordering from Amazon, that money goes directly back to your community and you are helping your neighbor succeed. Additionally, the U.S. has high levels of poverty. There are many organizations close to you that could use your time and/or money.
  6. Think big. Can you imagine what the people in Syria have experienced? Help them. Help them. Help them. (each of these takes you to a different link)
  7. Love Yourself. If we all spent time raising our own vibrations, we would infect everyone around us with love and abundance. Do something to expand your consciousness, whether it be a Reiki session, talking with the amazing Karen Hager, working with a dream analyst, getting Star Sister Astrology, Marcia Wade to interpret your birth chart in her poetic style, some Theta Healing sessions from the talented Yolanda Perrera, or some Psych-K from Marylou Smith. Make the world a better place starting with yourself.

Did any of this inspire you in areas where you were stuck?