How to Perform Miracles

I missed posting my writing yesterday. I had a full schedule, but in the time I had I was left speechless by this video testimonial that a client sent me. I did not know he was in a serious mental health crisis at the time, though I did know he was struggling and gave him the names of two psychiatrists, and even texted one during his visit with me, to see about getting him an appointment.

A friend and client called me to schedule Jon, and even paid for his visit. He was mechanically locked up in a way that was consistent with respiratory diaphragm dysfunction, in an evidence-based sense, but his whole system was shut down. He had some range of motion restrictions. Normal energetic flows and movements that I perceive in the body were not just diminished, but absent.

I did my typical “stress management” visit consisting of breathing exercises and manual techniques to improve function of the pelvic floor, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic inlet, and cranial rhythmic impulse (think craniosacral, but the osteopathic version). I am always humbled and amazed at the power of the variety of skills that I have. I felt as if someone from the spirit world showed up during his visit, and was able to give him meaningful evidence for who it was and a moving message from this person. I loaded him up with some resources, including a book recommendation, Martha Beck’s Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, and  a mediation from Diana Cooper and Tim Whild, which he listened to later and reported that it resulted in an energetic shift within him.

I really do get to perform miracles every day, and it is my joy to do so. In hindsight, I will say these are the steps I consistently follow.

  1. Expect a miracle. I expect everyone to be fully better in one visit. It doesn’t always happen, but I am getting better at it.
  2. See the forest through the trees. I always do a head-to-toe assessment on clients, but I also did a broad energetic assessment of Jon, which included the mediumship reading. I could also call this “See things through the eyes of God.” This is as true for yourself as it is for others.
  3. Listen: I had no doubts that I could help Jon. I often tease clients that present in an atypical way, that they “didn’t read the textbook” before they developed their pain or stress issue. Some even “write their own textbooks.” I had no doubt I could read his textbook, and by not feeding his already existing fears about his ability to change his state of mind, I helped him believe that it would change. He was a puzzle, and I just worked on the solution. I not only listened to Jon, but to my intuition. I tapped in, the way I do, to the spirit world and to Jon’s intuition and higher self.

A few weeks ago I was struggling with releasing a client’s restriction in her right hip area. We were chatting, but since I was dissatisfied with the lack of immediate change, I quieted myself down. I knew she needed to release something, like a limiting belief or emotion, but it wasn’t either of those. When I connected, the message I got about what she needed to release was “bacon.” The conversation in my head went something like this: Me: “Really? Bacon?” Nonphysical world; “Yes, Bacon.” Me: “Ok, but I am not asking her to do that, I am just going to to do it for her.” I said an invocation in my head to do this, and the results were miraculous. When the client insisted I tell her what I did, she told me the story of how she hasn’t eaten bacon in years because when she was really depressed, she used to eat a BLT sandwich, and her memories of depression and bacon are very tightly linked. What I thought was ridiculous, was very meaningful to her.

At the end of the day, I believe that I often hold up the mirror for clients to see themselves in a divine light, and that’s why they improve, and improve quickly.  Sometimes the miracle comes in an indirect way. Recently I insisted a client go get an MRI to rule out a spinal tumor, because it didn’t seem right, both in an evidence-based way and an energetic way – too many things were too good – but she was having a lot of pain. I told her I would talk to the doctor, if needed. She got the MRI and she indeed had a cyst in her spine, and is miraculously better since surgery.

I am still honing my skill. You can perform miracles, too.

If you didn’t click on the link above, here is Jon’s Story.