How to Find Your Calm

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I have had a few people tell me, when I tell them the name of my business, that they have no use for being “Beyond Calm.” These people are typically extroverts that feel they thrive on high energy situations. Maybe so. However, I’m not interested in helping you find calm. There are a lot of people that teach meditation and other techniques to help you get there. What lies beyond calm?

I have answered this a few different ways, always trying to please an audience, or make my perspective conventional. I’m here to eat my old word salad and give you a new answer.

Beyond calm lies our renewed schema. A schema is an underlying organizational pattern. It is the geometry of ourselves, our consciousness, and our universe. This is, in part, ancient knowledge that died with the Druids, witches, shamans, and other wisdom-holders that existed before organized religion. We are all descendants of pagans, people that followed the patterns of nature and the cosmos.

Schemas shift, and just as any practice, from weightlifting to meditation to science, if it doesn’t evolve it doesn’t serve anyone. The Center For Mind Body Medicine teaches that when we are stuck in our emotions, sadness becomes depression, joy becomes hysteria, anxiety becomes panic, fear becomes paranoia, and anger becomes hostility.

Where ever you are stuck can become a hamster wheel, an addiction, a bad habit. Are you stuck in your pain, your disease, or your genetics? Are you stuck in your geography, your personality, or your perspective?

Beyond all of that is the schema of your ancestors, and your renewed schema. Knowledge the world has held secret from you is in there. You don’t need to study to find it. You just need to clear your path, look, listen, and feel. I can show you. I can guide you. We can go beyond science, beyond wisdom, and beyond calm, all while staying grounded in our bodies, clear in our minds, and true to our spirits.

I will be beta-testing group energy sessions and webinars/calls. If you are interested in being part of that e-mail me at




About me: After spending years being in deep communication with people’s physical bodies regarding their pain, injury, and disease, I realized that the idea that you need to be healed is an illusion. You are a pool of untapped potential. Your disease, failure, confusion, anxiety, despair, and emptiness is because you hold on to external expectations and limiting beliefs while forgetting to speak the language in which you are most fluent: The common language of the universe, of science, of wisdom, of oneness, and of the soul. I am here to teach you this language honestly and succinctly, so you can perceive and access your own power to be confident and clear in navigating out of failure into success, out of disease into health, out of confusion into clarity, out of despair into happiness, and out of the ordinary into genius. 
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