How to Connect with The Infinity

Many people are under the impression that when someone dies, they lose their ability to connect with them, when it actuality the person who has died has the ability to connect with anyone who can line up with their energies. This is part of how I am able to perform miracles.

It is difficult in our world to get excited when someone dies, because our skills to connect with the spirit, or non-physical world, are not fostered in most cultures. We are often taught that we are not worthy of God’s love in the same breath that we are taught that we are made in the image of God. Religion, from a historical perspective, has been much more about control than love. We are sometimes taught that our feelings are wrong, invalid, or inappropriate. We are taught not to feel, and when we can’t do that, we sometimes seek medication to dull the emotions, we self-medicate with food, alcohol, drugs, and even exercise. We project and blame others for our feelings and situations.

Here are some ways to connect with your inherent abilities to tap into the spirit world, heaven, the non-physical, the quantum realm, the collective consciousness, infinite intelligence, source energy, or whatever you want to call it. I like to call it The Infinity.

First, ask and you shall receive!  Seriously. At first, it can be helpful to ask generally, rather than ask something specifically of someone, whether it be your grandmother, your favorite animal, or David Bowie. But as you get better, you can definitely tap into whatever you desire as long as it strengthens your alignment between your physical body and your own quantum realm. Don’t expect to tap into Saddam Hussein for evil ideas. What we define as evil is just our disconnect between our 3-dimensional world and The Infinity. You can be specific about what you want. You can ask to see a blue jay, or even a unicorn. I had the unicorn thing happen to me after an Skype chat with author Tim Whild where he discussed a bit about unicorns, and I wasn’t sure what to think of it, I saw them EVERYWHERE for several days: on Facebook posts, t-shirts, in stores. I couldn’t tell you the last time, before that, that I saw anything about unicorns. I declared “ok, I believe!” and the unicorn sightings subsided.

Pam Grout, in her book E-Squared, gives specific experiments on how to do this, and even gives the FP (Field of Potentiality – a physics term for The Infinity) a deadline of 48 hours. Recently, while on a long drive, I asked for 7 feathers on my doorstep to confirm whether I should take my work to Europe. I gave a 48 hour deadline. About 30 minutes later, when I stopped for gas, I found seven dollars on the ground at the door of my car. Dollars have feathers on them, and I think since I had asked a question to which I knew the answer, The Infinity gave me feathers and upped it into dollars for emphasis! I have also been able to tap into the energies of some relatives and non-relatives with the same strategy. Ask your dead grandfather to give you clues that they are around. You might find a bird lingering on your windowsill, or see a butterfly while on the 15th floor of an office building. You might also see something they loved, like orchids or classic cars, often multiple times in the given time period. Perhaps their favorite song will come on the radio.

Meditation is a very helpful tool in this process, but personally I don’t like the way meditation is often taught, because it can stifle my connection rather than expanding it. I prefer to “journey,” the shamanic version of meditation. I quiet my brain, and center myself around my heart, but I also let the experience take me where it wants to go. I once was riding a walrus deep into the ocean. We dove under and into an iceberg. I was trying to decide what I was supposed to see inside the iceberg, when all of a sudden the iceberg shattered. That journey resulted in a deep heart opening for me, that I was not able to achieve with exercise, body work, or other forms of meditation.

I also strive to live in a meditative state. HeartMath teaches how to be in a meditative state independent of activity level, by learning to regulate your heart rate variability. I do boot myself out of this state at times, but I am getting better at living here more consistently, and seeing what goes awry when it does.

Write or record yourself to connect. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine teaches an activity called Dialogue with a Symptom. After a short meditation, you have a conversation with your heart, a pain or disease that you might have, an emotion, or whatever feels like needs some attention. This also works with those that have passed on, and even with The Infinity. Just start writing or recording in question and answer form.  My earlier post on Spiritual Shock Absorption gives some details.

Lastly, keep an eye on your pets. They sometimes see things that you cannot as easily see. I have seen my dog make eye contact with my great uncle. As you connect, you can get more specific information. If you want David Bowie to help you write songs, he is accessible to many more of us than he was in his physical body.

Livingly and Lovingly,