Healing Sessions

Remote Healing Groups

Spontaneous Combustion: Melanie will tap into the energy of the group and perform a remote healing for what feels it is most needed. Approximately 45 minutes long. Limited time for questions afterwards. You will receive the recording via email. $33

Healing Map: Melanie will have a specific purpose for this session. It may be directed at a specific body part, such a shoulders, a specific emotional/behavioral pattern, or some other element that is imperative for optimal health. $33

Healing Circle: This is a small group. limited to 8 participants. Each individual receives 8 minutes to ask a question and receive remote healing around that issue. What one person needs is often applicable to everyone, and group participants often note additional healing outside of their own 8 minutes. Group participants will receive a recording of the call. $44

Individual Remote Sessions: 60 minute sessions to target, reconcile, and resolve individual issues around pain, emotions, and other life dynamics.

$135/30 minute session

$190/60 minute session

Relationship Remote Sessions: Coming soon! 


In-Person Group and Individual Healing

In-Person Healing: 60 minute session to resolve vagus nerve compression and other stress in the body. $190.

In-Person Group Healing: This is an exciting new development, stay tuned for more details!