Five Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

I felt good when I woke up this morning, and then I read an article about parents that micromanage their kids’ social lives, and it brought up the feeling in me of how much I hated being a child. I almost didn’t have kids of my own because I did not understand how you could make someone else go through that. I spent the morning looking for a better mood. Here is how I found it.


  1. Leave the past in the past. What happened in second grade, high school, or college does not define me. Every day is an opportunity to create something new. We do this all the time. If fourth grade defined my husband, he would not even have attended college. He ended up going to the United States Naval Academy. Old habits can change in an instant. I stopped going to church, so I could stop believing I wasn’t worthy of love, and that love was always conditional on my performance. I love myself unconditionally now and have a much deeper spiritual connection to my understanding of God and the universe.
  2. Love the suck. I love all of my experiences, even the ones that sucked because I LOVE who I am today. When something terrible comes into my life, I find embracing it as an opportunity to love myself and others more deeply. If I hold onto it long enough, that embrace often goes from feeling like a life-preserver to a luxury yacht. I did this with a lawsuit against me. The result was that it was dropped. It felt very powerful to transform that kind of a situation with love for myself and compassion for others involved.
  3. Love your bad mood. I find anger and bad moods to be high resistance feelings, though they are a step forward from being a doormat. I was excited that the dust on those old feelings was stirred up because it gave me the chance to transform an old, long-standing vibration that was in me. “Look how much that doesn’t have any power in my current life! Look how many wonderful people and things I have in my life now!”
  4. Look for the path of least resistance. Do something that makes you feel good. This NEVER involves hurting yourself or someone else, physically, emotionally, or otherwise! I sat down in my place where I regularly feel good – where I work, meditate, etc. I lit a candle, and turned on my blue light, and held a quartz crystal. You may consider standing like Wonder Woman for 2 minutes, going for a walk, or doing some core exercises. Appreciation is low-resistance, so making a list of all the things you appreciate in your life is a fast way to turn things around. I did this with my kids when they were disagreeable on a road trip recently. I felt fantastic and the tension in the situation was transformed into love. I also like to write “I remember” statements to remind myself of the amazing things in my life. “I remember that I am whole, I remember that I am a creator, I remember that I give and receive love abundantly.”
  5. Oracle cards. You don’t need any training to use oracle cards. You don’t have to take them seriously, but I find that they often give me information that is helpful. Today I used my Enchanted Map oracle cards. I drew the Magical Map Shifter. According to the enclosed book, “The Magical Map Shifter always initiates you into a better version of yourself.” I am to keep an eye out for “change agents” today. Now my day is a game – I will let you know who shows up!

Who and what are the “change agents” in your life today?