Do You Need to Make Space for Change in Your Life?

I’m so high on life right now I’m not sure how this blog post is going to flow. Hopefully it makes sense. Why am I so elated? I have been making space for new things in my life – both professionally and personally. How am I doing that?

I’ve been cleaning house in many ways. There’s more to do (isn’t there always?) From growing up with a mother that finds it painful to throw stuff away and 20 years of moving with my husband, who used to be in the Navy, I’ve grown to enjoy getting rid of stuff. It gives me a high that I love. Since my husband retired, we’ve been living in the same house for seven years, longer than we’ve lived anywhere as adults, and have not been forced to clean out our belongings because we haven’t moved.  Part of what I’ve done professionally for many years is to help people de-clutter their bodies of extra noisiness, emotions, and limiting beliefs that do not serve them.

As odd as it may sound, the impetus for this came in the form of an oracle card. I have a newfound love for oracle cards, and have a ritual of pulling one most every day. I don’t usually do a whole spread of cards, I just draw one. Oracle cards come in about one million different varieties. I use them for insight on various issues. They always tell me something useful. Several weeks ago I asked for insight on what I needed to do to make the amazing things that I know are coming my way to come to me faster. I drew the “cleaning house” card from The Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

The truth of that hit home. I’ve been complacent in keeping things as tidy as I would like to — itching to clean, but in denial, or at least choosing to ignore it recently. After I drew the card, I walked around my house and felt what spaces needed to be cleaned. I didn’t have all day, and just wanted to do something small to take a step forward in that direction. I felt (notice I did not use the word “thought”) that my cabinet of vitamins and supplements and a narrow bookcase needed to be cleaned out first. I felt each book and supplement to see how it resonated with my energy. To me, something positive makes my heart expand, whereas something depleting makes my heart close up.

The professional work that I’ve done for many years to help people de-clutter their bodies of extra noisiness, emotions, and limiting beliefs that do not serve them, I have done for my own body as well, often with the help of others. Now it is time to bring this skill to other areas of my life. I will be writing more on how I not only cleaned out my house, but my mind, my body, and my spirit. In the interim, the backyard shed is next.