A Dialogue With White Supremacy

Approximately 80 years ago, a man and a handful of followers captured the power to kill millions of people. This photo is from a Facebook post that was widely shared. Having spent 20 years as a military spouse, the next to the last thing I want is for my sons to end up in the military. The last thing I want is for something anything like World War II to happen again. The horror of war on soldiers and civilians is nothing to be proud of.

As Mitch Landrieu said in his speech on taking down the confederate monuments in New Orleans, much of our history has been one of omission one of historical malfeasance on the part of people trying to stay in power.

I believe that we repeat history because we get stuck in it, not because we ignore or forget it. Just as one can be stuck in sadness to the point it becomes depression, fear to the point that it becomes panic, and anger to the point that it becomes hostility, we can also get stuck in our history. The alt-right and white supremacists are stuck in Colonialism and in The Civil War, at the very least. Maybe some are afraid of facing the stories that were cast aside. Either way, they are stuck.

We need to look forward, imagining the world we want and creating that. How do we do that? If you are reading this article, you probably are not stuck in Colonialism or a war mentality. I still believe you can tap in to the “higher self” or soul of the white supremacy movement and find what you can do to change it. 

One exercise to unstick yourself form an emotion is called Dialogue With A Symptom. You can have a dialogue with white supremacy as a collective consciousness. The exercise is simple. Have a paper and pen handy. Meditate a bit, or take a few deep breaths. Imagine that White Supremacy is sitting in a chair across from you. Ask it if it has a name, different from what you have given it. Consider where it is in its life cycle. Is it young, middle-aged, or old? Is it strong or weary? When does it come to visit? In what season, location, or mood is it most active?

Open your eyes and start writing. You can ask White Supremacy questions. Let the questions and answers flow through your head to your hand onto the paper. The first thoughts are the best ones.

Here is the my dialogue with white supremacy from this morning. I would rather not share it. I don’t even let my husband read these things. However, I think we have to let out our secrets, remember knowledge we didn’t know we had, discover our skills, and unstick ourselves.

Dear American White Supremacy,

Q: Why do you exist?

A; The church made us.

Q: What church?

A: Christian church. They have not passed on true doctrine. Christ studied the Vedas. It would be better for Christians to study the Vedas instead of the Bible.

The Bible has been programmed, particularly the Old Testament, to perpetuate separation from yourself, each other, and the creator. It is more obvious in some places the others, but it is really about the vibration place from which it was created.

Q: So Jews should not read the Old Testament as well?

A: No, they can ready it, but not adhere to it. They are better served by their other writings, like the Kabbalah. Even the Vedas have been lost and corrupted but the vibration is one of transformation.

Q: So what can people do to transform white supremacy in America?

A: You are not going to beat it out of them or change them with a war. Take in the vibration of the Vedas. Study them if you can.

Q: How do I take in the vibration?

A: Through the earth. Melanie, you can re-program the earth. It was stolen by the Christian church programming.

Q: How do I do that?

A: With your hands. We will guide you.

Q: White supremacy? You will guide me?

A: Yes, We will show you how to dismantle us. We want to be dismantled, like a child that wants to be caught while being naughty, an addict that wants help, or a serial killer leading you on a hunt.

Q: Are you baiting me?

A: No, this is our higher self talking.

Q: What can others do?

A: Ask.

Notes: I always find the answers in this exercise surprising. I thought this was interesting because I recently felt the need to renounce my Christian ancestry, and felt gigantic shifts in my energy. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. It manifested quite concretely as increased strength in my workouts (I was able to climb a rope easily after struggling to get up any distance the week before) and less muscle tightness in my right lower ribs which are a problem area for me.

I am far from an expert on the Vedas or the Kabbalah. What I do see when I look at the U.S. energetically (which I had never done until now) it looks like it is sheared to me. Shears are something very commonly addressed in physical therapy. I have a technique and will work on it at the global scale. Your task in this process may be, and probably is very different. I encourage you to ask.

I will definitely repeat this exercise to get more detail. I will do my thing I do to shift energy on a big scale, to unshear the United States, and then see what the next layer is that needs my action.


About me: After spending years being in deep communication with people’s physical bodies regarding their pain, injury, and disease, I realized that the idea that you need to be healed is an illusion. You are a pool of untapped potential. Your disease, failure, confusion, anxiety, despair, and emptiness is because you hold on to external expectations and limiting beliefs while forgetting to speak the language in which you are most fluent: The common language of the universe, of science, of wisdom, of oneness, and of the soul. I am here to teach you this language honestly and succinctly, so you can perceive and access your own power to be confident and clear in navigating out of failure into success, out of disease into health, out of confusion into clarity, out of despair into happiness, and out of the ordinary into genius. 
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