Cutting Ties vs Pulling Up The Stakes

Transforming Fear of Failure from Foe to Friend

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I am moving out of my office at the end of this month and committing to altering the paradigm of my business. I know I said this a few months ago, but I still held on to a bit of my old business as some kind of a backup plan, or the remnants of all the voices in my life that told me that I couldn’t ever be that successful.

In my dreams, my fear of failure always shows up as a bear. In the last dream I had with the bear, she was blocking me from exiting my parents’ house, which has been a recurring backdrop for dreams my entire life. I haven’t had a dream inside the house in quite a while, and have had several outside of the house, in the neighborhood. I believe that is progress.

Not long after I gave notice at my office, an organization hired me to do a series of workshops. Letting go of one thing made room for another. This time, rather than just cutting ties, I plan to pull the entire stake out of the ground so that I cannot be “re-tethered.”

What is the difference between cutting ties and pulling up the stakes?

Cutting Ties  Pulling Up Stakes
Holding on to your story Writing a new one
Leaving part of your soul there Claiming all of your heart and soul for yourself
Look back and see your limitations, guilt, shame, or nostalgia for something that can no longer exist Look at everything as a gift that got you to where you are now and is taking you to where you are going.
Blame others Take responsibility for your own point of attraction for all events in your life
Conditional freedom, based on external factors Full internal freedom

Last week I had a dream where the bear was being playful, even rolling on her back so I could rub her belly. She doesn’t feel like my fear anymore. She is my friend and my protector.