Creating Better Weather

I love playing with the Universe, God, quantum physics, or whatever you want to call it. I love books that show various ways to do it. I am still mastering the skill, but I have been able to get very clear signs, unexpected gifts, contact information for people, amazing clients, more business, breaks from work, and more!

Recently, my husband and I were on a road trip through Mississippi. We were listening to E-Squared by Pam Grout, which is a book of experiments to show you how you create your own reality. I was feeling “in the zone” with my energy, which always feels like my heart is emanating a 360 degree “force.” I love that feeling, and strive to be in it all the time. It is euphoric. When I am in that space, I know amazing things happen.

My husband was driving and it suddenly started raining so heavily we could not see to the front of the car, so we slowed down to a crawl. While he contemplated pulling over, I pulled from what I know, E-Squared, and Martha Beck’s Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, and said “We should imagine dry road and blue skies. I want them to show up in five minutes.” And they did. In five minutes, we were under blue skies and on dry roads. You might be thinking that thunderstorms in the summer over Mississippi are like that, in many ways. They come and go very quickly, which is true. However, I have played with this skill when running errands in very ominous weather, and just a few days ago when heading to a board meeting with threatening skies. An emergency alert went out while I was on the way for flash flooding. It was 3:45 pm but looked like it was almost sunset, the sky was so dark. I made it to the parking garage just as the rain started to come down in large, heavy drops. I have repeated this experiment enough times to know that it reliably works.

Wednesday night I had a dream about friends, a husband and wife. It was a beautiful dream and I wanted to share it with them. When I woke up, I thought about how I don’t have her number, because I really wanted to text both of them the details of this dream. I had his number, because we are also business colleagues. Not 30 minutes later, she texted me, identifying herself and asking a question of me. “Of course she did!” I thought. I wanted her number and it showed up. My manifestation skills are getting faster. Things that might have taken a day or a week to show up before now happen in 30 minutes. I appreciate the small things so that it builds momentum for the big things.

As I sit high and dry in my house, it is almost 9:00 am and it looks like dusk outside. The rain just started. Here are the skills that I am using to keep myself in a state of abundance. I hope you can use them for yourself as well!

  1. Imagination: I am imagining being able to clearly see the road in front of my house and the grass in my back yard. I am imagining clear air, that is easy to see into the distance. I am phrasing everything in the positive.
  2. Spirituality: I believe I am an extension of God, source energy, etc. I believe that I am a creator. If you follow The Bible, it says we are made in the image of God. I will go more into this later, but Jesus was really teaching us to perform miracles like him. Claim your own ability to make miracles happen.
  3. Language: I love Noah St. John’s Afformation technique. Because your brain is a problem-solver, if you are asking “Why is everything against me?” that is the answer you will find. If you ask “Why is everything for me?” then you will answer that question. One possible Afformation in this rain is “Why is the rising water staying so far away from my house?” If you are already flooded, focusing on “Why is so much help coming to me so quickly?” I love to sit around with my friends and family and make this a game. It is fun and you feel fantastic afterwards.
  4. Focus Wheel: This is an exercise from Abraham Hicks and it is fantastic for creating momentum in a positive direction. Basically, you take a piece of paper and make a problem statement at the top of the page. In the center of the page you make the opposite statement. If you problem is “My house is flooded and I have lost everything” the opposite statement may be “I have a beautiful house and an abundance of money to fill it with food, clothing, furniture, and decorations.” Around the statement of what you desire, make statements about what you love, what you appreciate, and what makes your feel good. Aim for 12 statements, placing one at the position for each number on a clock, keeping in mind that 12 isn’t a magic number. I always do at least 8 statements. These statements must all be true. You might say “I like the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful things, I appreciate that I am resourceful, I like building things, I feel good when I look at houseplants.” You just have to make statements, however small, about what is good and positive. Then the momentum will build. Examples abound online. Here is one.
  5. Feeling. Really pay attention to how you are feeling, and stick with things that make your feel good. If something doesn’t feel good, it may need to be re-framed, or it may be your good senses telling you that it is not a good idea to do that, or think that. Stay with the positive thoughts and feelings and give them momentum. You will stop and start, but once you get going you will attract more good-feeling things your way. If a child walks up to you and hands you a dandelion, and you find it very sweet, hold that feeling, and look for others like it. When you are not feeling good, bring back the good feelings so you can build on them. Stay outside of your own rabbit hole.
  6. Creation Invocation. Writing these is one of my gifts. It is more than a prayer, it is calling on our own abilities to create.

Creation Invocation for Louisiana:

As I am made in the image of God, I claim my ability to create.

Now, for Louisiana, I call in dry ground and clear air across all dimensions.

I vibrate abundance in every situation.

I focus on what I want in the present and the future.

The contrast I am experiencing now commands abundance starting now.

As I see only the abundance around me, I create momentum and multiply it.

Consider taking these skill of ours and using them for the people of Louisiana right now, many of whom are under water. It is most powerful if they use them for themselves, so spreading the word is key. If you live in another area and it is flooding, substitute the name of your area for Louisiana. I just noticed the rain has stopped at my house.



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