Do You Need to Make Space for Change in Your Life?

I’m so high on life right now I’m not sure how this blog post is going to flow. Hopefully it makes sense. Why am I so elated? I have been making space for new things in my life – both professionally and personally. How am I doing that?

I’ve been cleaning house in many ways. There’s more to do (isn’t there always?) From growing up with a mother that finds it painful to throw stuff away and 20 years of moving with my husband, who used to be in the Navy, I’ve grown to enjoy getting rid of stuff. It gives me a high that I love. Since my husband retired, we’ve been living in the same house for seven years,

Five Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

I felt good when I woke up this morning, and then I read an article about parents that micromanage their kids’ social lives, and it brought up the feeling in me of how much I hated being a child. I almost didn’t have kids of my own because I did not understand how you could make someone else go through that. I spent the morning looking for a better mood. Here is how I found it.

What Lies Beyond Calm?

I was at a friend’s birthday party the other day and he told me he enjoyed my Instagram posts although he didn’t want to be calm. He wasn’t sure it was good for him. Fair statement. The density of clients with anxiety that I treat keeps me focused on tools that calm them, and my friend doesn’t have anxiety issues. I told him my posts were not to make him calm, but give him a glimpse of what lies beyond calm!

So what states of being are beyond calm? I came up with a few, all of which I have experienced.

Building Heart Captial

In a meeting recently, the topic of human capital came up. I piped up that what we really needed was “heart capital.” One definition of human capital described it as “the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.”

I defined heart capital as “the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population viewed in terms of their ability to value their connection to an organization or country that results in co-creating solutions that benefit the mind, body, and spirit of both the individual and society as a whole.”

Creating Better Weather

I love playing with the Universe, God, quantum physics, or whatever you want to call it. I love books that show various ways to do it. I am still mastering the skill, but I have been able to get very clear signs, unexpected gifts, contact information for people, amazing clients, more business, breaks from work, and more!

Recently, my husband and I were on a road trip through Mississippi. We were listening to E-Squared by Pam Grout, which is a book of experiments to show you how you create your own reality. I was feeling “in the zone” with my energy, which always feels like my heart is emanating a 360 degree “force.” I love that feeling, and strive to be in it all the time. It is euphoric. When I am in that space, I know amazing things happen.

My husband was driving and it suddenly started raining so heavily we could not see to the front of the car, so we slowed down to a crawl.

How to Connect with The Infinity

Many people are under the impression that when someone dies, they lose their ability to connect with them, when it actuality the person who has died has the ability to connect with anyone who can line up with their energies. This is part of how I am able to perform miracles.

It is difficult in our world to get excited when someone dies, because our skills to connect with the spirit, or non-physical world, are not fostered in most cultures. We are often taught that we are not worthy of God’s love in the same breath that we are taught that we are made in the image of God. Religion, from a historical perspective, has been much more about control than love. We are sometimes taught that our feelings are wrong, invalid, or inappropriate. We are taught not to feel, and when we can’t do that, we sometimes seek medication to dull the emotions, we self-medicate with food, alcohol, drugs, and even exercise. We project and blame others for our feelings and situations.

Here are some ways to connect with your inherent abilities to tap into the spirit world, heaven, the non-physical, the quantum realm, the collective consciousness, infinite intelligence, source energy, or whatever you want to call it. I like to call it The Infinity.

Creation Invocations: My New Product

I spent most of the last 30 hours in bed with a cold. I have been in such an amazing place spiritually, that I was taken aback that I could actually get my ass kicked by a virus, but it happened. The amazing part is how all of the mind-body work that I have done in recent years has transformed how my colds manifest. They go away much faster, I don’t get much in the way of sinus congestion, and my cough does not linger for a month.

It took me a full 24 hours to realize that I write healing prayers  Creation Invocations™ that yield immediate results for many people – I will write one for myself! It is always amusing how long it takes me to use my own skills on myself, at time. I have improved dramatically since repeating this prayer several times. I think I can be vertical for tomorrow, as I have a full day of things planned.

Across all dimensions

I claim my space

I expand into my omnipresence

I renew my love for the divinity that comprises me (you can substitute for divinity other words like Infinite Intelligence, God, Spirit, The Universe, the stardust)


Across all dimensions

I breathe in expansion

I breathe out alignment

I breathe in nature

I breathe out oneness

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Compassion for the Angry White Man

I am a big believer in the power of compassion. I believe that the more living things two whom and which we can extend our compassion, the more power we have to transform ourselves and the world around us. My experience confirms this. I recently had someone, who I had considered a friend, betray me. I was angry for quite awhile. Her actions toward me were very unexpected. I came, after some time and a lot of self-exploration to accept my role in bringing the situation to myself. It provided me with a much-needed lesson in standing in my own self-worth. I came to believe that in order to for her to act as she did, she must have been in a terrible place. The result was that the situation resolved. She dropped her anger toward me.

I believe not only did I bring that situation to me, but I also made it go away. If I had remained angry, I believe things would still be unresolved. We are all capable of infinite amounts of compassion. If you don’t think so, read Left To Tell by Imaculée Iligibiza. She survived the Rwandan genocide and came to have compassion and forgiveness for the perpetrators of the genocide. The power that she had in that compassion and forgiveness drove would-be killers to literally turn around and walk away from her, leaving her untouched.

One lesson that has been coming to me often recently, is how to find compassion for the Angry White Man (AWM).