Uncomfortable Thoughts on the #Metoo Movement

I want #metoo to come from the men who overstepped boundaries and I want women to create a safe space for their confessions.

Safe does not mean comfortable.

Safe means we take it into a divine feminine paradigm, not run the patriarchal model with women.

Safe doesn’t mean women stay quiet. No one can empathize with us if they don’t know how we feel. Safe means we have a meaningful conversation.

Jail, slavery, and religion are all patriarchal structures that take away power. They give orders, they argue the dichotomy while ignoring everything in between, they squash feelings and co-creation.

I don’t want men to be my slaves, inmates, worshippers or idolizers.

I want men to be my co-creators. I want men to help give everyone power.

Safe means that when prison is my first thought when someone violates boundaries, I look at where I have imprisoned myself for the convenience of others.

Safe means we ask the men what happened to them to blind them from the things that matter to us.

Safe means we ask ourselves if we unwittingly did that to them.

Safe means we step out of our victim mentality and don’t give them the power to be our wound.

Safe means that they take responsibility for their actions.

Safe means where they learn a new pattern.

Safe means we teach them differently; We teach them crying is beneficial and feelings are their compass; We teach them about intuition, magic, and creation.

Safe means we mother differently.

Safe means we separate the value of fatherhood from the crimes of the patriarchy.

Safe means we embrace each other’s imperfections as we strive to do better and lovingly call each other out on them.

Safe means we take away their external expectations to be something incongruent with their souls.

Safe means that they look inside themselves and find their true power so they don’t feel the need to take away someone else’s.

Safe means we expand our view of God from one that wants worship to one that wants mutual respect and partnership

Safe means we expand our view of God from male to both male and female

Safe means we expand our view of ourselves from male or female to both.

Safe means we all overcome our addiction to being right.

What does a safe space mean to you?



About me: After spending years being in deep communication with people’s physical bodies regarding their pain, injury, and disease, I realized that the idea that you need to be healed is an illusion. You are a pool of untapped potential. Your disease, failure, confusion, anxiety, despair, and emptiness is because you hold on to external expectations and limiting beliefs while forgetting to speak the language in which you are most fluent: The common language of the universe, of science, of wisdom, of oneness, and of the soul. I am here to teach you this language honestly and succinctly, so you can perceive and access your own power to be confident and clear in navigating out of failure into success, out of disease into health, out of confusion into clarity, out of despair into happiness, and out of the ordinary into genius. 
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How to Find Your Calm

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I have had a few people tell me, when I tell them the name of my business, that they have no use for being “Beyond Calm.” These people are typically extroverts that feel they thrive on high energy situations. Maybe so. However, I’m not interested in helping you find calm. There are a lot of people that teach meditation and other techniques to help you get there. What lies beyond calm?

Six Keys to Transforming Hate

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This blog post is going to be more than 500 words. I hope you will take the time to read it through to the end.

I want you to consider a different way to transform the vitriol that is getting spewed on a big stage world-wide. If you are someone who sides with the white supremacists, please continue reading. If you are feeling hopeless and powerless, this is for you, too.

Four Ways To Create Change For Women

It's A Whole New Paradigm

The sky is not the limit (2)

I have been laying low for awhile. I haven’t been seeing clients. I have done some writing, some reading, and some business planning. I have also done more internal work on myself – more reflection, more counseling with mentors, more tapping into my intuition.

I didn’t go to the women’s march on Saturday. I could have made it work, but my intuition gave me a big, loud DON”T GO. I had visions a few weeks ago of the marches being terrorist targets, and put out invocations and energy to transform that. I wasn’t as scared by Saturday but I still wasn’t supposed to go. I also don’t do well in crowds. I avoid festivals, live music, etc. This cause was important enough that I could have dealt with that. I finally had a longer talk with my higher self about the issue, and I better understand why I intuitively felt that I was not supposed to go to the march. My answer: The paradigm in which it was done is too limited. I was more powerful at home working the way I do with energy.

Last Minute Gift Tips


I would love to crawl under a rock slightly before Thanksgiving and come out on New Year’s Eve. I really don’t like the holiday fuss and I always dread choosing gifts. After years of angst, I have finally re-written my story to allow me to buy gifts clearly and joyfully, keeping the following things in mind:

I Give Up


I have done almost nothing work-wise for the last few weeks. I have written, but not published. Since the election, I have experienced a big shift – in my intuitive skills (for the sharper), in my emotions (more intense) and in my ability to let go of existing patterns and limiting beliefs (faster). I can’t say I particularly love this shift. I am struggling to see the point of what I am doing (no one wants to hear the truth – you are responsible for your own vibration and everything you bring into your reality), and I would rather just win the lottery and throw in the towel.

Gratitude Challenge For The Presidential Candidate You Oppose

Seeing Value in the Behavior of Assholes


My 13-year old son has been an asshole the last couple of days. I know he’s learning to regulate his testosterone. He’s usually a very pleasant kid, so I get easily frustrated by these days. He is writing short essays for application to high school (something that only happens in public schools in New Orleans) and doesn’t want to play the “impress the admissions board” game. He wants to go to a different high school and is addicted to being right about this other school being best for him, and the one that requires an essay being categorically unfit. I called him intentionally myopic and choosing to ignore other information that is readily available to him. He threw that insult back at me, along with our front gate.

Have You Ever Felt At Home?

There are only a few places in the world that give me a feeling of “being home.” Over twenty years as a Navy spouse, our home was just wherever we were. The place where I grew up never gave me that feeling. My mom never even referred to it as home. For her, the place she called home was where she grew up, on the opposite coast from where I did. I used to get them from Charlottesville, Virginia, and Annapolis, Maryland, where my husband and I attended college but didn’t feel it the last time I visited those places. Pretty much all of France gives me that feeling, but it was most striking in Santorini, Greece.