Holiday Survival Tips


Are you stressed out about your family get-together? Are you worried about being alone? Here are my tips for those that are apprehensive about the next few weeks. I use all of them, so I can testify to their power!

Power Pose: Go in the bathroom, lock the door, and spend 2 minutes standing like Wonder Woman. You can watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk for the research details. It’s a handy tool to help you deal with everything from your mother barking orders on getting dinner ready, to your creepy cousin and your dad’s lost filter, after that third drink.

Make your own traditions: Even if you have to be part of a larger gathering, you can do some small things for yourself. We prepare food from a different country or ethnicity every holiday. This year, we had Swiss raclette for

Overcoming My Addiction To Being Right


“It seems that it will definitely reveal the faulty systems and people running them so they can crumble and be healed. And it is just what we need to fully step into our power and take our place. We are ready. We can now handle the fall of the patriarchy and all that it brings. I feel that is just what is going to be happening over the next 4 years or so and I don’t think it could have fully happened with Hillary in office . Trump will reveal it in a way she never could. All is in perfect order.” – One Wise Woman I Know

Screaming Love In The Shadows


I am done whispering. I need to scream. If you ever needed proof that we each create our own realities, we all have it now. My professional reputation has been that of the “Body Whisperer.” I use very gentle touch to clear up people’s pain and trauma. I usually put forth an effort to write and speak with grace, as I see and feel people at the soul level. The United States just elected its shadow to be its leader, and all of my usual meditation, oneness, imagination, magic, play in the quantum field, and fairy dust can’t change that today.

Mirror, Mirror, In The White House







I am a puddle of tears today. I am not normally like this. I am usually the rock solid one who doesn’t cry very often. I have thrived in viewing the election through intuitive, archetypal and astrological lenses. I love the symbolism of apples, the astrology of Eris, the contest between Poseidon and Athena that resulted in the naming of the city of Athens, and comparing Medusa to myself and all of the “nasty women” I know.

However, since watching the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I have had some unexpected feelings bubble up. I feel as if my own glass ceiling is about to shatter and I am not sure my husband and sons will recognize me afterward. As Hillary Clinton sits on the verge of being elected President of the United States, I can say that it is truly different to have a mirror of yourself as the leader of the free world.

My Civil Disobedience

Appreciate The Antagonist Challenge: 15 Reasons I Appreciate Donald Trump But Didn't Vote For Him


I believe America is indeed great. It is a great place to live, to be an entrepreneur, to shop, and is full of amazing individuals, some of whom are my incredible friends. However, I feel “over” being an American these days. I have been over it for a long time. I appreciate many aspects of it, particularly as a woman, but I have felt my calling is to be somewhere else my entire life. The knee-jerk reaction to move somewhere else that some people are experiencing, based on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, has been a steady vibration in me for as long as I can remember.

Appreciating the Antagonist

Yesterday, I wrote about reasons I appreciate Donald Trump. I challenge you to write reasons you appreciate either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, whichever major party political candidate for whom you are NOT voting. If you aren’t voting for either then write reasons for each of them. If you support the Native Americans at Standing Rock, then write some for them, too. Then share them in the comments here, or on my Facebook Page or Twitter with the hashtag #aapower They have to be sincere, not snarky. My first five reasons were:

My Post-Election Healing Strategy

That You Can Live By Daily

As I feel more sure about the outcome of the presidential elections in the U.S., I am still uneasy about the aftermath. I had one scared child in my house last night. He loves following politics. He is frightened for our country. He is also frightened by where we live, in New Orleans. Violent crime is high here, and in the last two weeks, two of those violent crimes took place one block from our usually quiet street. I am not as unsettled by the events close to home, as they seem to have been targeted crimes, but gunshots before bedtime are not comforting in any way.

Three Things The Election is Doing to Your Hormones and Five Things You Can Do To Fix Them

That Apply to Men, Too


The American presidential campaigns have been stressful for many people. Hormones mediate stress in our bodies, but we have a lot of control over them as well. Here are three ways that the election may be contributing to your hormonal fluctuations, for both men and women: