Six Reasons Trump’s Rise and Demise Make Perfect Sense

And Why Women Will Win


It can be difficult to make sense out of a lot of things in life. I believe that there is always sense to be made, though the answers may not be comfortable to popular. The power to transform negative situations lies in stepping back to see the big picture. Here are some reasons that Trump’s candidacy and his recent demise make perfect sense.

Turning The Seven Deadly Sins Into Crown Jewels: Sloth

This is the first post in a series about transforming the Seven Deadly Sins into Your Crown Jewels.
I love wearing crowns. I have been part of a Mardi Gras royal court and I have an inside joke with a close friend about “tiara sex.” I used mental imagery of me wearing a crown to successfully resolve my chronic right hip pain. I just entered a contest to win a crown . (You can enter, too!).
Over the course of my career, I have seen so many clients who do not have a strong sense of who they are, or they do, and they are suppressing it. I was one of them for a long time. If I could do one thing to mitigate pain and disease in people, it would be to eliminate the shame, guilt, and external expectations around which we contort ourselves. For all of the mechanical issues I have treated as a physical therapist, these spiritual ones are at the core of long-term resolution and eliminating recurrences.

Five Ways to Set Up Change for Success

As I declare my retirement from body work tomorrow, I feel a deep sense of purpose, confidence, and calling, but the thoughts about what my checkbook will look like this month creep into my head to eat away at all of the “knowing” that I have about this big change in my life.

I am fortunate to have a working spouse to help pad the financial changes, but my inner perfectionist seems to want to sabotage me – it has been successful many times in my life, and I don’t want it to win this time. A dominant narrative in my life was “If I am not perfect, I am a failure.” In some ways,my decision to change my business paradigm has been easy. Nothing has ever felt more “right” to me.

Here are the ways I have been working on myself during this change:

An Archetypal Explanation for Clinton vs. Trump

by Jennifer Jones Embry

My deep curiosity for this election is my strong sense that we as a country are at a crossroads.  Our fundamental American values are being called into question – church vs. state, the right to bear arms, the right to free speech, independent thinking, and religious freedom, we as a melting pot, access to voting and more.  The passage and ratification of the women’s right to vote will have their 100th anniversaries in 2019 and 2020.  From a psychological perspective, anniversaries are fraught with reenactment.  Hecate is the goddess of ancient Greek mythology and religion that stands at the crossroads with her dog, bow and twin torches, often depicted in current times as a hag and yet, in her time, was the only one of the Titans who Zeus deemed worthy of retaining authority when the Olympians took control.  Perhaps it is Hecate’s energy that we as a nation are desperately trying to avoid in the American reality show that is to prepare us for the vote of our lives thus far, a vote that quantifies our level of consciousness as a nation.

Five Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

I felt good when I woke up this morning, and then I read an article about parents that micromanage their kids’ social lives, and it brought up the feeling in me of how much I hated being a child. I almost didn’t have kids of my own because I did not understand how you could make someone else go through that. I spent the morning looking for a better mood. Here is how I found it.

Five Reasons to Make Heart-Centered Decisions

I recently committed to feeling for what wants to happen in my life rather than thinking about it. When something feels good, it is as if my heart expands. When something doesn’t feel good, my heart will retreat into its shell, like a hermit crab. The results have been profound. I have more focus in my business, and doors are opening to amazing things every day. One small but powerful example of this was when my phone rang the other day and I felt like answering it, which I almost never do when I don’t recognize the number. The person on the other end was a marketing consultant. I stopped rolling my eyes when he turned out to be named after an archangel, and it was’t a common name, like Michael. We had an initial meeting and I blurted out “I have always said if I could do anything, I would teach intuition.” I needed to remind myself of that, and since doing so, have been focusing my business efforts in that direction. I didn’t sign on for his marketing services, but I am grateful for this interaction. I am focused, energized, and having a ton of fun.

It has worked in my personal life as well. This is the “hindsight is 20/20” version of events. I was recently invited to an event and the idea of attending it turned my heart into a hermit crab. I thought I should feel bad about not going, even though I didn’t feel that way, and considered that some other people may be disappointed if I wasn’t there. I thought perhaps I could change my beliefs to make it feel good, and then I came down with a wicked episode of left lower back pain. It wasn’t until I stopped being an emotional contortionist, attempting to make things feel good to me instead of honoring my heart. As soon as I re-declared “I am not going because it doesn’t feel good to me, and I am not responsible for anyone else’s feelings except my own” my back pain stopped within an hour, and I was moving easily and freely through my day.

Here are five evidence-based reasons to make heart-centered decisions.

Why You Shouldn’t Care About History

Unless it was told from an anthropological point of view, I have always found history dull. I got through college without taking a history class. I filled the requirement with poetry, I think. I am understanding more and more why I have always felt this way about history. I have come to find my own history irrelevant. As I took responsibility for my role in the co-creation of it, I have been able to do more than let it go. I have become nonstick, so it doesn’t influence me, and I am creating an amazing life full of love and abundance at quantum speed!