Stop Imagining Your Fears

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I am laying low on blogging about current events while I write my fiction novel. As I sit in a bit of a fantasy world – or at least where science and wisdom are fully merged – I wanted to share some ways to change the world, to change your world.

In the midst of the U.S. government efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I told a number of friends that I wish people didn’t give the government that much power. I support the ACA, and I also believe that your own health is fully in your control. My experience in the medical system is that when you get ill, even if it’s “not your fault,”

Donald Trump Is Here to Traumatize You

And It's Good


When the airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, I was living in Norfolk, Virginia. My husband’s parents and grandmother were visiting us because he was leaving on a six month deployment the following week on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. My mother and his mother were really afraid for his safety after that. I saw no difference in him flying here or in the Persian Gulf, so I didn’t think his risk changed, even though the mission did. I had a great trip with a friend to Austria, since the ship cancelled the port visit where I was planning to meet him. I believe that deployment still holds the record for the most amount of days at sea without a port call.

The emotional impact of September 11 and my husband leaving immediately afterwards on a military deployment to be part of the U.S. retribution for the terrorist acts pales in comparison

Overcoming My Addiction To Being Right


“It seems that it will definitely reveal the faulty systems and people running them so they can crumble and be healed. And it is just what we need to fully step into our power and take our place. We are ready. We can now handle the fall of the patriarchy and all that it brings. I feel that is just what is going to be happening over the next 4 years or so and I don’t think it could have fully happened with Hillary in office . Trump will reveal it in a way she never could. All is in perfect order.” – One Wise Woman I Know

My Civil Disobedience

Appreciate The Antagonist Challenge: 15 Reasons I Appreciate Donald Trump But Didn't Vote For Him


I believe America is indeed great. It is a great place to live, to be an entrepreneur, to shop, and is full of amazing individuals, some of whom are my incredible friends. However, I feel “over” being an American these days. I have been over it for a long time. I appreciate many aspects of it, particularly as a woman, but I have felt my calling is to be somewhere else my entire life. The knee-jerk reaction to move somewhere else that some people are experiencing, based on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, has been a steady vibration in me for as long as I can remember.

Appreciating the Antagonist

Yesterday, I wrote about reasons I appreciate Donald Trump. I challenge you to write reasons you appreciate either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, whichever major party political candidate for whom you are NOT voting. If you aren’t voting for either then write reasons for each of them. If you support the Native Americans at Standing Rock, then write some for them, too. Then share them in the comments here, or on my Facebook Page or Twitter with the hashtag #aapower They have to be sincere, not snarky. My first five reasons were:

Catching Dreams Instead of Nightmares

Harnessing Vibrational Power


“The problem is that we are not taught to be powerful in other ways besides battle.” -Yolanda Perera

Sit down and buckle up. We are going for a ride and it isn’t going to be comfortable for anyone.

Last night I had a dream that a Native American woman was my realtor. We were talking inside of a house while my oldest son, age 13, played in the backyard. The yard was large and wooded. It sloped down to a stream running through the property. I had been interviewing realtors, but this woman made me feel like she was the one. I walked outside to watch my son exploring the trees on the way to the stream and had an “a-ha” moment. I realized that all of my friends had Native American connections. I ran through a list of my waking life friends in my head. Every one of them was descended from Native Americans, or had an intimate relationship with the culture.

Three Things The Election is Doing to Your Hormones and Five Things You Can Do To Fix Them

That Apply to Men, Too


The American presidential campaigns have been stressful for many people. Hormones mediate stress in our bodies, but we have a lot of control over them as well. Here are three ways that the election may be contributing to your hormonal fluctuations, for both men and women: