Catching Dreams Instead of Nightmares

Harnessing Vibrational Power


“The problem is that we are not taught to be powerful in other ways besides battle.” -Yolanda Perera

Sit down and buckle up. We are going for a ride and it isn’t going to be comfortable for anyone.

Last night I had a dream that a Native American woman was my realtor. We were talking inside of a house while my oldest son, age 13, played in the backyard. The yard was large and wooded. It sloped down to a stream running through the property. I had been interviewing realtors, but this woman made me feel like she was the one. I walked outside to watch my son exploring the trees on the way to the stream and had an “a-ha” moment. I realized that all of my friends had Native American connections. I ran through a list of my waking life friends in my head. Every one of them was descended from Native Americans, or had an intimate relationship with the culture.

I am not surprised at this dream, one day after learning both that the protestors on the Dakota Access Pipeline, largely Native Americans, on their land, were being approached, attacked, and arrested by police in riot gear, while a group of six white men and one white woman were acquitted after a hostile takeover of a federal building.

This comment clarifies the issue:


I can’t defend the Dakota Pipeline. Its approval process was a clear manipulation of a system that has designs in place to prevent such things. I know that there are people depending on the work to support themselves and their families, that have no ill intent for anyone. Corporate greed is the enemy here. Since in the U.S., there is a legal precedent that corporations hold individual rights, my hope is that we adopt a policy like Bolivia’s, granting nature equal rights as humans.

I also can’t give the Native Americans a free pass on this. As someone who is a shaman, of sorts, who studies their rituals, and who integrates it into healing for myself and others in profound ways, I understand and deeply respect the power that they hold. So when I read about prophecies of doom and gloom from traditional cultures, they are not just seeing the future but also creating it. This is the Law of Attraction, and it is very powerful.

Law of Attraction states, basically, that you get what you vibrate. If you vibrate wealth, then money comes to you. If you vibrate “I want money but I don’t have any” then you deter money from coming to you because your focus is on your lack of it. We use the term vibration in English. Someone may have a “good vibe” or a “negative vibe.” The “winner” is whoever has the stronger and higher vibration.

Books like The Secret,  The Law of Attraction, and E-Squared have popularized the Law of Attraction. I think it can be very useful to describe events in these terms, which have a basis in physics. You may feel that the presidential candidate you don’t want to win, is an example of these books getting into the wrong hands. You may see the focus on lack in cities like New Orleans, where I live, as a magnet for hurricanes, or the terrible budget crisis in Baton Rouge coupled with a deep conflict between the police and the community as culminating in a 500-year flood earlier this year. I use it to create better weather and have had it work every single time.

I have some examples of how this has worked for myself and my family. My son has a classmate that he really doesn’t like. I support his decision not to be close to this child, based on their behavior. He got really mad at me when I told him that the reason this child ended up in his classes again this year is because he was so focused on how much he didn’t want that, it was exactly what he was vibrating. We discussed Law of Attraction and did a focus wheel exercise. Now this child, though in the vicinity, has been making other choices than to interact with my son, and his stress level is much lower.

A few years ago I had a professional lawsuit against me. It was a manifestation of my biggest fear. I did a lot of things from life coaching to dream interpretation in order to deal with my stress and anger over the situation. I came to a place where I had true compassion for the person who brought it against me. I let the attorneys handle it, not focusing on it hardly at all, but focusing on myself. I had no power to change anyone but myself. I learned to stand firmly in my own self-worth. In the end, the lawsuit was dropped. In hindsight, I see how I brought that situation to myself and I made it go away. That is a lot of power.

This vibrational power is exactly how certain people succeed or fail, whether or not they have moral integrity. Sometimes we have to suspend, change, or expand our belief systems, habits, and traditions in order to claim this power. We need the evidence-based social psychology to understand our own potential for positive change and for disaster. We need traditional shamanic wisdom to understand it as well. When we combine our power with that of the quantum realm and of nature, we can make all of our wildest dreams come true. We will be able to co-create solutions and we will have a whole new paradigm for problem-solving. Everyone has this capacity. Some just understand better how to use it than others, with or without the physics lesson. The first step is to focus on abundance and what is positive and going well. That is how you gain momentum for more positive change.

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