Appreciating the Antagonist

Yesterday, I wrote about reasons I appreciate Donald Trump. I challenge you to write reasons you appreciate either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, whichever major party political candidate for whom you are NOT voting. If you aren’t voting for either then write reasons for each of them. If you support the Native Americans at Standing Rock, then write some for them, too. Then share them in the comments here, or on my Facebook Page or Twitter with the hashtag #aapower They have to be sincere, not snarky. My first five reasons were:

  1. Donald Trump is highlighting many wounds that need to be healed.
  2. Donald Trump inspired me to have discussions with my 12 and 13-year-old sons about sexual assault, respect, and slang words for genitals, thus strengthening an open dialogue and close relationship with my kids.
  3. Donald Trump showed me the Law of Attraction can be misused in ways that I had not perceived previously.
  4. Donald Trump helped my son understand his ability to see auras and interpret them. (DT’s aura is black with a dim red light in the middle)
  5. Donald Trump is strengthening my mission to change the paradigm of love in the world.

Here are my five for today.

  1. He gave me a lot of practice in keeping my vibration positive and steady
  2. He has provided me (and many others) blog material
  3. He led me to share a sexual assault story, and clear it from my vibration
  4. He has inspired me to be more intentional about my gratitude for the negative things in my life and living my favorite quote from Abraham Hicks: “Savor the problem as deliciously and deliberately as you savor the solution.”
  5. He has inspired me to examine myself to understand how I was in part responsible for his creation, through energy, epigenetics, collective consciousness, and where I am stuck in my story.

What are your reasons?