Four Ways To Create Change For Women

It's A Whole New Paradigm

The sky is not the limit (2)

I have been laying low for awhile. I haven’t been seeing clients. I have done some writing, some reading, and some business planning. I have also done more internal work on myself – more reflection, more counseling with mentors, more tapping into my intuition.

I didn’t go to the women’s march on Saturday. I could have made it work, but my intuition gave me a big, loud DON”T GO. I had visions a few weeks ago of the marches being terrorist targets, and put out invocations and energy to transform that. I wasn’t as scared by Saturday but I still wasn’t supposed to go. I also don’t do well in crowds. I avoid festivals, live music, etc. This cause was important enough that I could have dealt with that. I finally had a longer talk with my higher self about the issue, and I better understand why I intuitively felt that I was not supposed to go to the march. My answer: The paradigm in which it was done is too limited. I was more powerful at home working the way I do with energy.

I know that’s an obscure answer. However, consider that historically women were the majority of the oracles, the healers, the witches, the sages. While I support the cause behind the women’s marches worldwide, it took place in an old and very male paradigm of assembling out of anger. I understand this, but if I organized a global demonstration on behalf of women’s rights, this is what it would look like:

  1. All signs contain information about what we want, and none of them address what we don’t want. The reason history repeats itself is because of the attention we give it. It keeps us stuck in these old paradigms. This is how we got Donald Trump in the first place, and keep getting what we don’t want.
  1. We form circles – lots of them. Circles make everything from meditation to manifestation more powerful. What can you do in a circle besides meditate? Dance, moving/shaking meditation, sing, play music, put someone in the middle and tell them all the good things about them. That last one is an ancient shamanic way of healing someone we might label a criminal in modern times. Additionally you do group focus wheels, bend spoons or cast spells for what you want – which is just a different way (and to me, more fun way) of manifestation, prayer, and meditation.
  1. We help each other remember our true nature. Trump is really a heavily wounded man, triggering the wounds in all of us. As David Hawkins MD, PhD says: “World events are not the cause of your anxiety. It is the exact opposite. Suppressed and repressed feelings seek an outlet and use the events as triggers or excuses to vent themselves.” My mentor Jim Gordon just did a TED Talk on the hidden gift of trauma. Trauma helps to uncover who you really are. I have had a lot of helpers, and am compiling a list with biographies to share with you. I was most recently blown away by Susann Shier of Soul Mastery.
  1. We imagine. John Lennon had it right. When you want something you just have to imagine it. Getting over your barriers to imagining it sometimes needs refining, but “ask and you will receive” works. The trick is you have to ask vibrationally, and that’s not something we learn in any formal setting. Most of us that know how to do it learned only in the process of resolving their own trauma.

I am going to spend the next few weeks writing blog posts that give you a sign, a circle activity, a discovery tool for your true nature, and something to imagine. As a group of witches, oracles, healers, and divine feminine power, we can make the world the way we want it. We can create a better world, and we can get the change faster than you may think is possible.