Spiritual Constipation

I’ve been thinking a lot about matter recently. It’s a common word in our language and now in our headlines.

We quite literally, are matter. Stardust, in fact. We have something like octillion atoms in our bodies, yet if you took all of the matter in those atoms, we would each fit on the tip of a pin, and all of humanity would fit into a sugar cube. We are a lot of empty space.

Things that matter have substance and take up space.

A Dialogue With White Supremacy

Approximately 80 years ago, a man and a handful of followers captured the power to kill millions of people. This photo is from a Facebook post that was widely shared. Having spent 20 years as a military spouse, the next to the last thing I want is for my sons to end up in the military. The last thing I want is for something anything like World War II to happen again. The horror of war on soldiers and civilians is nothing to be proud of.

As Mitch Landrieu said in his speech on taking down the confederate monuments in New Orleans, much of our history has been one of omission one of historical malfeasance on the part of people trying to stay in power.

I believe that we repeat history because we get stuck in it, not because we ignore or forget it.

How to Find Your Calm

Help Me Beta-Test New Offerings

I have had a few people tell me, when I tell them the name of my business, that they have no use for being “Beyond Calm.” These people are typically extroverts that feel they thrive on high energy situations. Maybe so. However, I’m not interested in helping you find calm. There are a lot of people that teach meditation and other techniques to help you get there. What lies beyond calm?

Six Keys to Transforming Hate

Through Finding Your Internal Freedom

This blog post is going to be more than 500 words. I hope you will take the time to read it through to the end.

I want you to consider a different way to transform the vitriol that is getting spewed on a big stage world-wide. If you are someone who sides with the white supremacists, please continue reading. If you are feeling hopeless and powerless, this is for you, too.

Stop Imagining Your Fears

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I am laying low on blogging about current events while I write my fiction novel. As I sit in a bit of a fantasy world – or at least where science and wisdom are fully merged – I wanted to share some ways to change the world, to change your world.

In the midst of the U.S. government efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I told a number of friends that I wish people didn’t give the government that much power. I support the ACA, and I also believe that your own health is fully in your control. My experience in the medical system is that when you get ill, even if it’s “not your fault,”

Cutting Ties vs Pulling Up The Stakes

Transforming Fear of Failure from Foe to Friend

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I am moving out of my office at the end of this month and committing to altering the paradigm of my business. I know I said this a few months ago, but I still held on to a bit of my old business as some kind of a backup plan, or the remnants of all the voices in my life that told me that I couldn’t ever be that successful.

In my dreams, my fear of failure always shows up as a bear.